The rateable values for non-domestic properties are set nationally by the Government and are not a matter for decision at local level.

However, the Council would welcome feedback on its spending plans for 2014/15 and any aspect of the services and support it provides to the business community.

The Council’s core funding from central government will be reduced by £400,000 or 13% in 2014/15 (from £3.1million to £2.7 million).    Funding will be reduced by a similar mount in 2015/16.    There is no extra funding being made available for the impact of inflation.

The Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy anticipates the delivery of £500,000 per annum in efficiency savings to offset the loss of government grant and to manage cost pressures. Savings are being achieved through a range of initiatives which in the main can be described as efficiency savings (e.g. investment in new systems, energy saving measures, procurement and partnership working).

One of the Council’s Key Priorities for the period 2012-16 is to “Promote the economic vitality of Epsom & Ewell”.  The Council carries out a range of activity that helps makes the Borough a good place for local businesses however most activity forms part of separate budgets (e.g. the Epsom town centre market). To get involved please look at the Council website to see how you can get involved.

A report provides a brief summary of the most recent activity to meet this priority.

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council services

•             Allotments

•             Abandoned vehicles

•             Ashley Road Cemetery

•             Benefits/Support to assist with rental and council tax charges, fraud investigation

•             Business rate collection (on behalf of central government, Surrey County Council and Epsom & Ewell Borough Council)

•             Council Tax collection on behalf of Surrey County Council (76%), Surrey Police (13%) and Epsom & Ewell Borough Council (11%)

•             Emergency & Contingency Planning

•             Environmental Health (including food premises inspections, noise complaints, accident investigation)

•             Epsom Downs conservators (in partnership)

•             Electoral registration and election management

•             Fly tipping on public land

•             Gypsy site management

•             Highway verge grass cutting and tree maintenance (on behalf of Surrey County Council)

•             Housing Needs Register, affordable housing, homelessness and emergency housing plus housing advice service

•             Home improvement agency

•             Licensing (taxi, street collection, pubs and clubs)

•             Local land charge searches and property information

•             Meals on wheels  & shopping service

•             Markets and street trading management

•             Open spaces, parks and local nature reserves management and maintenance

•             Parking enforcement (on behalf of Surrey County Council) and car parks

•             Planning applications & building control

•             Playgrounds and BMX/skate facilities

•             Rainbow Leisure Centre (in partnership)

•             Refuse collection and recycling

•             Routecall

•             Social Centres (at the Wells and Longmead)

•             Sport and leisure development

•             Sport facilities (football, cricket, bowling, tennis facilities and outdoor gym equipment)

•             Strategic planning policy for Borough

•             Street care and environmental improvements

•             Street cleansing, litter collection, road sweeping and graffiti removal

•             Telecare  and community alarm (in partnership)

•             Tree inspections and preservation orders

•             Venues  (Epsom Playhouse, Bourne Hall and Ewell Court House plus (in partnership) the Ebbisham Centre and Rainbow Leisure Centre

•             Voluntary organisations support

•             Wellbeing centre

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