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A business colleague of our Robert Craven was recently asked to help a particular non-UK business, a professional service firm that felt that its growth had stalled. Here is a summary of an hour’s conversation… condensed it into a few lines… we thought it might be useful for you…..

  • Is there a market for your service?
  • Are there competitors doing better than you? Why? How?
  • Does your brand/message/website confirm that you should be chosen by customers? Do you look like you are really good at what you do? Do you look like ‘the expert’ in your field?
  • Can you answer the question, “Why should people bother to buy from you?”
  • What makes you different from the rest?
  • Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Do you use testimonials and endorsements to promote your business?
  • What is your ‘performance to date’ and your ‘potential to grow’?
  • Put together an aggressive, six-week, marketing/sales campaign focusing on 20 target potential clients – contact each and every target every 10 days with a specific/unique interaction (send some research, invite them for coffee, send your brochure/testimonial, get a colleague to mention you to them, send a newspaper cutting, send them a free sample, offer a ‘try before you buy’ or a free business surgery/audit…)
  • Invite/take out/host a private dinner for 10 target clients… present some research etc and get them to talk shop to each other…
  • Take massive action…

On reflection, this is exactly what I’d say to any similar business in the UK – so in this instance the culture/background/business environment did not affect the advice!


Robert Craven 

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