Bloody battle predicted in Epsom

Echoes of the Past, 31 May, Rosebery Park, Epsom


The Council is warning local residents that a local soothsayer has predicted a bloody battle in Rosebery Park, as the might of the ancient Roman legions clash at the festival of Rosalia Signorum.


Council officers are to stand by in case the siege machine annihilates the pond.


Children will be expected to attend gladiator school. Special dispensation has been granted for local residents so they will not have to sign the auctoramentum agreeing to beating, burning and death by the sword if they do not perform as required.


Meanwhile other elements of the ancient Roman life will continue at the site just a few miles from the ancient Roman thoroughfare of Stane Street:

  • A mosaic maker will be advertising his skill with tesserae to the local wealthy villa owners
  • A cosmeta, skilled in lifestyle consultancy, will advise on make-up and hairdos – you too can look like the Empress!
  • An armourer will be ensuring that the mightiest  army in history has all the equipment it needs
  • A potter will be making mortaria for food preparation – this shallow dish has helped spread the civilising influence of Roman culture and Roman cuisine to the British barbarians
  • A jeweller will be showcasing the intricate designs that are the latest fashions from ancient Rome
  • The finest cuisine will be prepared, including Garum (made from fermented fish intestines)



Echoes of the Past will feature fully armoured Roman soldiers, fearsome gladiators and fascinating glimpses of Roman life as well as other activities.


Adults £4, Children under 12 free (must be accompanied by an adult)

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